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Amazon Store Management

Regain up to 10 Hours Each Week: Boost Sales Speed and Value with Our Secure Amazon Integration solution.

Smart tools to manage and optimize your Amazon presence effectively


Secure connection to all the Amazon Worldwide Marketplaces. Easily Export your catalog from Prestashop to Amazon.  

Sync Capability

Seamlessly sync your stock and prices between Amazon and PrestaShop to ensure your listings are always up-to-date.

Order Management

View and manage imported orders directly from your PrestaShop back office. Fulfill MFN and PRIME orders both manually and automatically.


Fulfill orders with update of shipping information and tracking number, manually and automatically.

Export your catalog, manage your Prime, MFN and FBA inventory, process orders with adapted shipping models and more with Amazon Market Tool.

Amazon Market Tool

Everything you need for a smooth integration

Optimize the visibility of your products, with Amazon Market Tool. It enables you to generate tailored product listings that effectively showcase the distinctive attributes of your products on a highly trafficked platform.

Sync product data, stock, price, relationships, images straight to Amazon

Specialized template for listings your Prestashop catalog to Amazon in just minutes, using Amazon latest API technology

Choose what information you want to synchronize or not and convert automatically your first image to white background and avoid rejection


Our services extend beyond simply hosting your store on Amazon. We provide you with the tools to manage and optimize your Amazon presence effectively:

Find the AMT plan that's right for you.

AMT is a SaaS platform that offers various benefits and features. We allow you to host your feeds on our servers with automatic updates. We continuously improve our solutions and provide free support. To cover hosting and development costs, we charge periodic fees with monthly billing for flexibility. This allows you to adjust your monthly subscription based on your needs, ensuring cost control and a tailored service.

Free Plan

Limited to 30 orders/ month
All Features
Up to 30 Orders/month
Support 24/7
Export up to 500 SKU
10 White Background Images
All prices are taxes excluded.

Pro Plan

Limited to 100 orders/ month
All Features
Up to 100 Orders/month
Support 24/7
Export unlimited SKU
50 White Background Images
All prices are taxes excluded.

Mega Plan

Unlimited orders
All Features
Unlimited Orders Import
Support 24/7
Export unlimited SKU
100 White Background Images
App configuration live session
All prices are taxes excluded.

Increase the visibility of your products on a worldwide marketplace

Enhance Your Product Listings and Boost Sales with the Amazon Market Tool, you can enjoy a range of benefits to optimize your product listings and increase your conversion rates. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bring more awareness to your brand

    Selling on multiple marketplaces helps bring more eyes to your brand and expand your image positively.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    AMT offers a superior customer experience by offering convenience and flexibility, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels.

  • Take Advantage of Amazon FBA

    Try fulfillment with Amazon. By leaving this to Amazon, you can just focus on your store's management.

  • The World in your Reach!

    Sell in up to 3 zones across the world, not just Europe. Spread your wings across multiple countries.

  • Seamless Management

    Manage Amazon from PrestaShops backend. Why waste time learning how to manage another backend when you can do it all from PrestaShop?

  • Improve Your Brand Image

    Being right next to some of the biggest brands in the online world will improve your business reputation.

Useful insights to assist you,
in achieving your company’s objectives.

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Amazon Selling Software

Allow your business to reach the world.

As trusted partners of PrestaShop and Shopify, we know the importance of effective eCommerce solutions. One crucial strategy is to establish a presence on Amazon, the world's largest marketplace. With over 50% of European consumers shopping on Amazon, it is essential for store owners to sell their products on this platform. Selling on Amazon not only enhances brand visibility but also creates a positive image for customers. It provides access to a vast customer base, leading to increased sales and potential growth. Features like Prime and FBA, along with Amazon's algorithms, can further optimize the customer experience and improve sales conversion rates. Whether you are an established brand or a small business, having an Amazon Seller Central account can help expand your reach.


We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have feel free to contact us at [email protected] or consult our help-center for more detailed tutorials. 

To begin utilizing the Amazon Market Tool, you must first connect your store to your account. This is a crucial step to take immediately after installing the app, as it will enable you to leverage all of its powerful features. 
1- Go to Module configuration- click on PrestaShop module subscription
2-Associate your Prestashop store with your Amazon account
For me details consult our help center


1.Open the module configuration 

2. In the Amazon Market Tool backend, go to Module Configuration.

3. Select the Amazon Account Settings tab, choose your country and then click on “Connect your seller account” 

Consult the help-center for more details and screenshots

By following these steps, you can configure the markets you wish to sell on and start selling your products to customers all over the world. Keep in mind that each marketplace may have its own set of rules and requirements, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for each market before listing your products.
1.Open the Module configuration and go to the Amazon Europe Tab. There you’ll be able to see all of the Marketplaces you can enable/disable 
2. Enable the Marketplace corresponding to your country and then click save.

For more details and screenshots, consult our help-center.

The Imported Orders section, where you can efficiently handle your order imports. This feature allows you to not only review past imported orders but also gives you the flexibility to manually import orders as needed.

1. Browse and Review Imported Orders

To delve into your order history and review previously imported orders, follow these steps:

1.1. Click on the ‘Select Orders’ dropdown.

1.2. Choose the ‘Import Orders’ tab.

1.3. Browse through a comprehensive list of your historical orders within the ‘Imported Orders’ tab.

2. Manually Import Orders

If you wish to manually import orders, follow these detailed instructions:

2.1. Click on the ‘Select Orders’ dropdown.

2.2. Navigate to the ‘Import Orders’ tab.

2.3. Click on the ‘Manual Orders’ tab.

2.4. Select the desired dates for the orders you want to manually download. Click ‘lookup’ to proceed.

2.5. Browse through the available orders and select the ones you wish to manually import.

2.6. Your recently imported orders will now be seamlessly integrated into the ‘Imported Orders’ section.

2.7. In-depth Order Examination

From the ‘Imported Orders’ section, you can further analyze your orders using the ‘View orders’ search box. This feature empowers you to gain insights into your orders down to the finest details.
See more details and video tutorial at our help-center. 

Shipping templates allow sellers to configure different shipping rates (and transit times) for different regions (and different shipping options like Expedited). They also allow you to select the Click & Collect option. The shipping rate can be configured to be based on per item, weight or cost of the order. Up to 20 shipping templates can be created.

To enable a Shipping template in our module and manage them, you may follow the steps below.

  1. Open the module configuration and go to the shipping tab.
    2.Select the different rules by using the + sign. You can enable/disable here.
    3. Finally, click on “Save settings”. 
    More details and screenshots can be found at our help-center. 

With Amazon / FBA Sync at your disposal, you can effortlessly integrate your Amazon offers into your Prestashop platform, ensuring consistency and accuracy across platforms.
1. The product list: 
 Contains all your Amazon products. This list can be refreshed manually (by using the second tab Manual Sync) or automatically (by using the scheduler).
1.2 Actions:
Sync product:
If Mapping state = Can be synced, you can perform the sync action.
This action applies Amazon price and stock quantity into corresponding Prestashop product.
When done, the Sync status = Yes.
Import product: If Mapping state = Unavailable, you can perform the import action, to import this Amazon product into your Prestashop catalog.
This action converts as much as possible Amazon data to transform them into a complete product in Prestashop.
1.3. Manual Refresh the list:
Refresh the Amazon product list as you wish any time by going to the second tab.
Here you also find the statistic of the last refresh (manual or auto).
Click the button to do the refresh.
The refresh only takes the changes from the last refresh, there is no reason to pull out the whole Seller Central catalog.
1.4. Automatic Sync:
Instead of syncing manually all the time, setting a scheduler to do all the work that keep your Prestashop products synced.
When enabled, the scheduler will:

  • Refresh the Amazon product list, by taking the changes from the last refresh.
  • For each Amazon product, if it is enabled for automatic sync in Filters tab, continue, ignore otherwise. 

2. FBA Sync is essentially same as Amazon Sync, but:

  • The product list is taken from merchant FBA list.
  • The module only updates the stock quantity, while the Amazon Sync also updates the price.


A more detailed description can be found here at our help-center.


Customizing incoming order statuses in PrestaShop is crucial when using the Amazon Market Tool. By creating and adding specific statuses, you can efficiently manage your Amazon orders within your Prestashop Back Office. This FAQ will guide you through the process of customizing your incoming order statuses to streamline your Amazon order management. Consult our help-center for more detailed descriptions and feel free to contact support for any other questions!

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